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Hi, my name is B. A. Baker (Thedude3445). Welcome to my website.

I’m an experienced writer with many creative projects published all over the internet. From web comics to full novels to animation storyboards to literary magazines, I’ve done it all. And I really love it.

As for my writing history, I started writing from ever since I learned the alphabet, and for some reason I never stopped. You can probably find writing from me from all the way back to 2005 if you dredge through the depths of the internet; I was big into making sprite comics in middle school and it’s really embarrassing.

Naturally, I embraced that sprite comic ethos all the way through and earned Writing & Linguistics from Georgia Southern University in 2017. During that time I co-edited the humor-centric literary publication Moonglasses Magazine. Then, after university, I co-founded the Quinlan Circle in 2018, I have published many long-form stories such as ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture, Hands Held in the Snow, Reborn on a Systemless Earth… with a System and The Gay GatsbyAmong many others, of course.

Currently, I teach English in Japan. It’s really fun.

Check my publications page for a more detailed list of all my stories and other works!

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