[2014] Mother 3 Didn’t Come Out :(

(Header image taken from the Mother 3 Fan Handbook)

Maaaaaan… Remember when Nintendo didn’t release Mother 3 in the U.S.?

Like, remember when they didn’t release it so hard that they made a joke about it at E3?

That still stings, Reggie.

It hurts even more, with a recent talk Reggie gave at Cornell University saying that he’s glad to have retired from Nintendo so he can stop hearing about Mother 3 for good:

Mother 3 did nothing wrong to you, Reggie. Why do you hate it so much?

Why can’t we get Mother 3… ATL readers will know how much I love Earthbound, but I’ve never played Mother 3 due to my teenage vow not to play it until it gets an official release (and also I don’t like playing games on my computer that much). It’s been over 13 years since it came out in Japan, and yet…



Watch a history of how Reggie constantly betrayed us for years here:

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3 thoughts on “[2014] Mother 3 Didn’t Come Out :(

  1. This reminds me of when my friend was complaining about a shitty night with such intensity and dedication that I couldn’t tell if they were doing a bit or not (they weren’t). I just kept laughing and laughing. That’s what I’m doing now — right now — in your face.

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