Hi. I’m Thedude3445, also known as B. A. Baker.

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  • RSS Feeds: Let’s Defeat the Algorithm [2010s]
    Automated curation sucks; let’s replace it with RSS feeds. Yeah, I’m saying we should bring back a protocol so outdated and underused that Google shut down its own service for it back in 2013. I’m saying that we desperately need to switch to a less elegant, less convenient system, because social media is poisoning our
  • Earthbound Goods: A Collector’s Dilemma
    These Earthbound goods are torturing me… For the 30th anniversary of the Mother series, Itoi Shigesato and his notebook company Hobonichi have been releasing tons and tons of merchandise! I use Hobonichi Planners every year already, so when it was time to order a new one for the new (Japanese) year on April 1st, I
  • Cultivine is Now Out
    I have a brand-new web serial that’s sure to be blowing your universe the heck up: Cultivine. I wrote the entire thing as part of a Vine Challenge among authors on Royal Road: Write as many words as possible in 24 hours, and center the story around vines. I wrote Cultivine in two sessions, and
  • Last Chance to Read Gay Gatsby on Kindle Unlimited
    Heya, just a quick news update about The Gay Gatsby and Kindle Unlimited. It’s been out for a little over two months now; while it still gets a few purchases every week, attention has mostly trailed off by now. One experiment I ran, though, is now coming to an end–I won’t renew The Gay Gatsby’s
  • If I Made A Thedude3445 Star Wars Trilogy
    Sometimes I like to wonder, what if I made a Thedude3445 Star Wars Trilogy? If I were given full creative control over my favorite popular franchise, what would I do? This is all purely hypothetical since it would never, ever happen, but I like to imagine it anyway. Let me take you on the journey

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ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

Hands Held in the Snow

Reborn on a Systemless Earth… With a System