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  • Disney+ Compilation Movies: An Idea For Your Consideration
    How come there’s no Disney+ compilation movies yet? Or compilation movies for any of these big streaming series, really? I’m not necessarily arguing anything for artistic integrity. In fact, in some cases this flies in the face of it. But I’m a big proponent of stories expressing themselves in multiple mediums in different ways. And … Read more
  • My Media Squares
    A friend shared this template with me, so I made a version of it for myself. I filled in these squares with all the media that impacts me the most. As a human, as a nerd, as a creator… I’m not sure which. But these are all definitely incredibly influential on me and will do … Read more
  • Fandom CEO Perkins Miller: Delusions of Corporate-Led Fan Passion
    I listened to Decoder’s interview with Fandom CEO Perkins Miller, and it really enlightened things. Really showed me why his company is so awful. It’s a good interview; I recommend listening or reading the transcript. For about ten years, the quality of Wikia, later Fandom, has plummeted gradually until it’s become a site I actively … Read more
  • Writer Beware – Update to Web Fiction Directory
    Here’s a short Writer Beware themed update to my Web Fiction Directory I’ve lightly maintained for a few years now. Anyway, I’ve had trouble keeping up with one important thing–which websites turn out to be scummy? Which ones offer really oppressive terms to their authors, and which ones have deceptive practices towards readers? If I … Read more
  • SAHCon 2023: Watch the Project Showcase
    It’s short notice, but if you’re free tonight, come attend this SAHcon 2023 event! The description goes: Join us tomorrow at 8 pm EST as we showcase over 30 fan-made projects, including games, MSPFA adventures, zines, and more! Everything is happening on our YouTube channel, and we’ll be opening up the SAHCon 2023 discord to … Read more

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