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  • Dark Tower: The Great Big Flop [2017]
    Dark Tower the movie. Geez. Man, can you even really think about how big a flop that film really was? Does anyone whatsoever discuss Dark Tower with their friends or family, even derisively? Just over five years since the movie came out, and it’s a completely lost footnote to the sands of pop culture time.
  • 3DS Homebrew Experience
    After watching Modern Vintage Gamer’s video on the 3DS Homebrew experience a while back, I got inspired. I owned a Japanese New 3DS I got from a friend many years ago, but it did absolutely nothing but gather dust. So, one random day in February, I decided to make my move. I decided to set
  • Madoka Magica Lives On
    Madoka Magica came out 12 years ago, but this winter is especially important for me, because it’s my 10th anniversary with the series. Surprisingly, I haven’t posted about Madoka Magica much on this blog. I’ve never written an article about it in these 4 years, only a couple mentions such as here and here. Mostly
  • Problem Sleuth 15th Anniversary
    It’s the Problem Sleuth 15th anniversary today! Wow! Yep, the Brawl 15th anniversary just came literally yesterday. Isn’t it crazy that two pieces of media vital to my teenage years released 24 hours apart? Of course, Problem Sleuth was a much less direct piece of vitalness. I read it a little while it was popular
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl 15th Anniversary
    I’m about to make you feel ancient by talking about the Super Smash Bros. Brawl 15th anniversary. It doesn’t feel so long ago that I was a middle schooler avidly waking up each morning to check out updates on the Smash Dojo. It also feels like it’s been an absolute eternity. I think that’s what

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