Hi. I’m Thedude3445, also known as B. A. Baker.

My new book: The Gay Gatsby, now on Amazon for $3.98, and on Kindle Unlimited for free (only until March 30th, 2021)!

My latest blog posts

  • If I Made A Thedude3445 Star Wars Trilogy
    Sometimes I like to wonder, what if I made a Thedude3445 Star Wars Trilogy? If I were given full creative control over my favorite popular franchise, what would I do? This is all purely hypothetical since it would never, ever happen, but I like to imagine it anyway. Let me take you on the journey
  • Web Fiction Sites: The Mega List Directory
    Hey, want to find some web fiction sites? Last year during the early days of the pandemic I made a list of as many web fiction sites as I could find, to help readers find new stories to read (and to help writers find new places to post). Now that it’s 2021 and the scene
  • The Gay Gatsby Round-Up: The First Month
    The Gay Gatsby is now one month old; let’s do a Gay Gatsby Round-Up. Yay! Thanks to all of y’all at the #GatsbyArmy, the book has sold over 65 copies in its first month. That’s an astounding success for an indie book with no real marketing and that was kept a secret all the way
  • What Happened to Midnight Releases? [2010-2013]
    Midnight releases were a hallmark of nerd culture. Besides Black Friday sales, what parts of the non-nerd world cared about midnight releases? Pretty much nobody. As I covered vaguely in my post about camping out for the Wii U, I used to love this stuff. The shared sense of excitement and fandom for stuff that
  • Goodbye, Tumblr [2018]
    Tumblr died in the stupidest way possible: Porn. I really just don’t get it. I didn’t use the site much, but it was doing fine. Then they banned adult content and just like that, the entire community vanished in an instant. I know about the app’s imminent de-listing from Apple and Google’s app stores due

My web novels:

ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

Hands Held in the Snow

Reborn on a Systemless Earth… With a System