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  • Strange World is Going to Bomb. Disney Will Let It.
    The movie Strange World has just come out and I only knew it because I write a lot of movie release dates in my planner. There’s been practically no marketing I’ve seen here in Japan, just an unceremonious release. And as far as I’ve seen of North American marketing, it’s just as bad over there.
  • Arita Mitsuhiro – Pokemon Card Art Spotlight
    Today, I’ll be spotlighting another Pokemon card artist, Artia Mitsuhiro (view his work here). After my last spotlight on Morii Yuka, I got lots of appeals for more Pokemon artists to cover, and I had to go with another total classic. Arita Mitsuhiro is one of the main Pokemon card artists who’s been in the
  • Mourning the Spider in My Bathroom
    There was a spider in my bathroom. Not anymore. Now I’m weirdly sad about it. When I first moved into my house in Shizuoka, giant huntsman spiders infested my house. By that I mean there were 3 or 4 of them. But I couldn’t get them to leave! They kept hiding in or around all
  • More Striking Romance Comic Covers!
    Y’all liked the original post so much that I’m making a follow-up to feature more striking romance comic covers. Plus, it seems like my posts about cool artists and promo art are really popular in general. This one will definitely get much worse SEO because I’m not sure how I can stretch this article all
  • 200 Blog Posts! Feel Free to Binge ’em.
    Gosh, I have 200 blog posts now! When I started this blog in 2018, it was mostly just to have a place to make story announcements and to host my bibliography page. In fact, I didn’t even make my first real post until January 2019! Since then, the blog’s always just been for rambles. Not

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