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  • Bridget From Guilty Gear is Trans
    It came out of nowhere, the reveal that Bridget from Guilty Gear is transgender. One of the most famous “femboy” characters in video games suddenly has gone through an actual gender transition, and y’know what? That’s kind of swell. Obviously, I always want games to strive for LGBT representation, so this makes me pretty happy.
  • A Moody Gay Spotify Playlist For You
    OK google, play me like she did… The title of a Spotify playlist I made a couple months ago and continually add to. Whoever knew making moody angsty music mixes would be so much fun? This is probably an utterly milquetoast blog post to discuss a random playlist I made once. But I guess it’s
  • I Admit It… I Love Cinnamoroll
    Cinnamoroll is adorable and great. I refuse to be ashamed about this from now on, so I will announce it loud to the world around me. I love Cinnamoroll! In some circles, I would be called a heathen. Or, as Sanrio Characters fans call us, a cinner. But I don’t care. I am a basic
  • Nintendo Power Metroid Covers
    Now it’s time for a very short post on Nintendo Power Metroid covers. My last post was all about Nintendo Power as a whole, but now I want to get more specific, and feature all the Nintendo Power Metroid covers. No commentary, really. I just thought it would be a nice way to show how
  • Nintendo Power Ends [2012]
    I really miss Nintendo Power. It’s almost entirely just nostalgia for the magazine era, but I don’t care. I can have nostalgia when I want, and nobody can tell me otherwise! Sure, Nintendo Power got replaced by Nintendo Directs, just as newspapers got replaced by sanity-destroying-algorithm-based social media feeds. Instant, easy access to information is

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