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  • Web Fiction Directory Update
    So, it’s about time to give a Web Fiction Directory update. The original directory is by far my most-viewed page on the entire website, even more than the homepage itself, so I try to keep it as current and up-to-date as I can. However, I’m only one person, and refreshing the list takes a lot
  • Morii Yuka – Pokemon Card Art Spotlight
    Morii Yuka is the clay model one. Get ready for good art. My last blog about Pokemon card art did real big numbers (relative for my blog), so I’m gonna do more blogs that feature individual Pokemon card artists I’m a huge fan of! A lot of the artists have very distinct, very awesome styles
  • I Have to Throw Away This Cool Star Wars Shirt 🙁
    Sometimes, you have to throw away Star Wars shirts. There isn’t anything else you can do with Star Wars shirts sometimes. I’ve had this thing for over 3 years now, ever since I found it used at a Book-Off. Sometimes you see a T-shirt and instantly purchase it, because that’s just what you do. This
  • Newsroom Rant: Did Aaron Sorkin Ruin America? [2012]
    The Newsroom rant is one of the all-time famous moments from TV in the 2010s. And that’s saying something, because the 2010s were absolutely packed to the brim with hit series and memorable scenes. But it’s also not exactly a “well-liked” scene, if that makes any difference. The very start of the series has our
  • The Weird New Trend Where People Buy The Gay Gatsby For Social Clout
    I found a weird new trend on the internet lately where people are literally buying Gay Gatsby. Just to be cool and beloved by their friends online. Isn’t that crazy? I hear on Bumble they’re calling it the Gay Gatsby Challenge. Yik Yak is getting a few dozen posts a day on the NYU campus

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