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  • Busy
    I’m really busy. I’ve got book deadlines coming, comics to finish reading, real life social stuff to deal with, and another stockpile of fun blogs to build up. I’m really happy about it all, honestly. Most of 2022 was a gigantic mess for me, and it lasted through early 2023. Almost no creative activity, financial
  • New Book: Madoka Magica Memories!
    My new book of Madoka Magica Memories comes out on 4/27. Please preorder it! It’s a collection of essays about Madoka Magica, an anime greatly influential on my life and on pop culture as a whole. If you’ve enjoyed my 200+ blog posts, you’ll definitely enjoy this book too. Nonfiction is… difficult to get popular
  • Progress Mini-Blogs
    I’m gonna start writing up daily (or semi-weekly) progress mini-blogs, just to talk about the stuff I did and totally just keep myself fully transparent. These blogs are going to be a bit too inconsequential for this website, though, so I’m going to put them over on my Tumblr account instead. That’s right. I’m using
  • The Sad Secret of Blog Archives
    The sad secret of blog archives is that the archives don’t seem to work like you think. They don’t really increase views over time like you’d sort of expect. And I think that’s more the reality of blogging in the 2020s and the crushing power of SEO, than anything. It’s kind of crazy, because it
  • The World Deserves a Fire Emblem Tellius Remake!
    Give us a Tellius remake, Nintendo, and I’ll stop complaining all the time about your stupid business tactics. Yes, I am that easy to please. There’s heavy, heavy rumors of a new Fire Emblem remake. In fact, data mining has exposed apparent proof of one. Everyone thinks it’s a remake of FE4, Genealogy of the

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