Thedude3445’s Guide to Writing Cute Romance

Hello and welcome to my guide on writing cute romance storylines. After my work in stories like Hands Held in the Snow and “On the Ship” (among many others), I’ve had a lot of people ask me for advice on how to write about love and couples in ways that make readers feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, as well as get them hyped up to start shipping your characters together. There’s a whole lot of advice I’d like to give, so I decided to make an entire article on the subject!

This guide can be for a small subplot in a bigger work just as much as a full romance story It’s all just my own methods and thought process, so a whole lot of the details in here will be specific to how I approach storytelling. There’s obviously no one superior method to how to make your romantic storylines adorable.

But while these are just my thoughts and opinions, not some steadfast rules to adhere to, I think they’ll be helpful to anyone who’s looking for how to enhance their romance. It may be a useful read even if you aren’t interested in romance writing, at least because I will explain some of my favorite story techniques and why I like to use them.

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Here We Go

I’m ready to make some crazy money, so… I’m starting a blog.

As you know (you were probably linked from there), I’m currently writing the serial web novel ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture, which has just last week finished its first novel-sized story arc, The Social Media Killer. In the gap between then and Morgan’s next adventure, I thought I’d start a full-fledged blog wherein I will ramble on about various topics and muse on whatever comes to mind. There will probably be 2020 Presidential Election commentary, fair warning. I’ll also talk about my own writing process fairly regularly, especially as I get further into writing ATL.

There might have some more writing news to share in the near future, but… we’ll have to wait and see for that one. There are things to be excited about. That is all you should know.

I’ve lived in Japan for about a month and a half now and gotten settled into the frigid snow of Touhoku, but it was only last week that I started my actual job of being an Assistant Language Teacher at five different elementary schools each week. I’m not very good yet. But I do find it conspicuous that The Social Media Killer happened to end on the exact same day that I started working… It seems too thematically fitting to be a real-life event, this whole “one book closes and another opens” deal, and I am wondering if I didn’t accidentally get trapped in a romance novel that’s still in its first act. I hope I accidentally got trapped in a romance novel that’s still in its first act.

So I ask to commenters on this first blog post, a discussion question: How do you stay warm while also saving money? What’s your preference? Sound off in the comments section. Personally I’m a fan of reading steamy romance novels about English teachers stuck in a small, snowy seaside town. Really warms up your heart.