I Went to Jesus Christ’s Grave (in Japan)

So, bored one weekend recently, and forced to social distance and go only to the least-popular attractions in my region, some friends and I decided to travel to one of the most odd spots in the entire world… Jesus Christ’s Grave, in Shingo, Aomori.

You may recall I once went to the Kogarashi Shrine in Shizuoka last year and had a very interesting experience with an odd, out of the way, beautiful location. Well, this one was a pretty similar experience, but for different reasons. It’s… a pretty interesting place. Wikipedia tells all (but so will I later in the article).

Here’s the details of my trip! (Also don’t worry, social distancing measures were taken very seriously.)

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Kogarashi Shrine (Shizuoka, Japan)

I forgot to post this, whoops. This happened a few months ago, and I took a lot of pictures, but then I never actually posted the article:

It was early May when my friend and I traveled across much of Japan during the unprecedented, extremely rare ten-day Golden Week holidays this year. We went to several cities for a day or two each, without much of a plan or much research ahead of time. Probably not the kind of travel people should normally do, but hey.

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